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Austin Web and App Developers

Versatile and experienced UX designers, web & app developers for the health, finance, energy, real estate, e-learning, oil & gas industries. Austin-based specialists in iOS, Android, and Web design & development.

Devices Phone and Apollo

Tailor-made app and web design and development - straight out of Austin

Operating since 2014, December Labs has been at the vanguard of innovative software design and development.

Why Austin?

Our already-established presence in Austin allowed us to expand our operations to Austin. The city houses many renowned tech companies, including a great number of our clients that recently decided to relocate from California to the incipient tech hub that’s becoming Austin. We have partnered with the growing local and national startups, growth-stage and Fortune 500 companies to build apps that respond to today’s - and tomorrow’s - needs.


  • Development

    Web and App

    From native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS & Android, data-driven full-stack web applications to enterprise-grade software, our Agile mobile app development, full-stack, DevOps and QA engineers build, test, deploy, and support custom solutions.

  • Design

    Design Thinking
    UX & UI Design

    With a hands-on approach to design thinking, we identify UX tactics to validate and test design solutions that anticipate users' needs or challenges and convert wireframes and prototypes to human-centered pixel-perfect web and mobile end-products.

  • Scale

    Scale Your

    Our multidisciplinary design and development talent hub allows you to scale and upgrade your team, product, quality and velocity. A senior team of designers, developers and architects works full/part-time in a podular structure and integrates seamlessly with your team, process and workflow.

  • AI

    AI & Computer

    From custom OCR modules to image processing, pattern matching and object detection, our seasoned team of data scientists and Machine Learning engineers has not only made our clients’ products better but oftentimes even possible.

  • Mentoring


    We’re honored to support the local startup rising tech scene as mentors. From WeWork Labs in Austin, Denver and Houston to Station Houston (acquired by Capital Factory), we advise up-and-coming startup founders one-on-one, in roundtable settings and virtually.

  • Events

    & Events

    From conferences such as CES & HIMSS to industry podcasts and individual on-site training sessions, our team of experienced thought leaders drive conversations that engage and democratize knowledge.

Our Work in Austin

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Let’s tackle today’s challenges with top-notch tech solutions! Book a call with Co-Founder and Head of our Texas office Marcelo Cordini to discuss your project and discover more about our work to see if we’re the right fit.

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Why work with us?

December Labs
  • Value: We offer expertise in the 360 product cycle and have a proven track-record of on-time delivery at the best quality-price rate.
  • Experience: Our developers and designers have built scalable and flexible software for innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Accenture.
  • Team: December Labs has a multi-facetted senior ad-hoc team of 70+ Software Architects, Researchers, PM’s, Developers and UX Designers.
  • Process: We have been applying startup-style customer development and agile engineering for new products and areas of business from concept to launch since 2014
  • Philosophy: We are mission-driven, people-focused. We have a passion for building vibrant, game-changing mobile and web apps through expertise, experience and dedication.

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Discover our extended portfolio and learn more about our work in Houston!

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