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Which “new normal” consumer search is growing over 1,200%? Curated trends for health and fitness startups HERE

Healthcare Design & Development Solutions

User-experience and software experts for the healthcare industry specializing in tailor-made mHealth, wearable and web applications.

Devices Phone and Apollo

We build vibrant and
game-changing products for the healthcare industry.

For the past 6 years, December Labs has been at the forefront of health tech design and development. We have partnered with Silicon Valley startups, growth-stage and Fortune 500 companies to build solutions that respond to today’s - and tomorrow’s - needs.

HealthTech Capabilities

Our Healthcare Success Cases

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Why work with us?

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  • Value: We offer expertise in the 360 product cycle and have a proven track-record of on-time delivery at the best quality-price rate.
  • Experience: Our developers and designers have built scalable and flexible solutions for innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Accenture.
  • Team: December Labs has a multi-facetted senior ad-hoc team of 60+ top-notch PHD’s, Architects, Researchers, PM’s, Strategists, Developers and Designers.
  • Process: We have been applying startup-style customer development and agile engineering for new products and areas of business from concept to launch since 2014
  • Philosophy: We are mission-driven, people-focused. We have a passion for building vibrant, game-changing products through expertise, experience and dedication.

Our Offices

December Labs has its HQ in Houston/ Texas, a commercial office in San Francisco and two nearshore offices in Montevideo/Uruguay.

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