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Entrepreneur.com highlights December Labs as Health and Fitness App Developer

Entrepreneur.com sets December Labs forward-thinking approach in health and fitness as an example to discuss leveraging consumer insights and revenue growth

As consumers are becoming more concerned about their health and have turned to at-home fitness routines, Josh sees potential for companies in the health and fitness to pivot and embrace the demand for digital products: “Companies that might have only reached out to customers through a physical location might want to consider concentrating more on wearable or digital products. December Labs assists such companies in health and fitness by developing apps and software solutions for fitness wearables or fitness equipment integration. 

John further references our most recent consumer insights initiative DTrends as a proactive approach to supporting transformative companies and services “(December Labs) also helps businesses identify and track relevant trends that support their “new normal” product strategy.” 

He closes by highlighting our work in the health and fitness space: “The design and development company works to create solutions that improve digital health service delivery, provide sleep support, offer breast health monitoring or track biometric fitness data. The company helped Biostrap, a smart wearable device, improve its app experience for heart, sleep, and activity monitoring. The product records advanced biometric data for personalized health and fitness insights.”

Read the full article on entrepreneur.com

More on our work in health and fitness here.

Elisabeth Bohlmann
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