Case Study

Disruptive Clean Energy Technology, Backed by Singularity University

01. Client

Semtive is a renewable energy company that offers vertical axis wind turbine systems for urban, remote and humanitarian use. Through a decentralized and democratized approach, the startup promotes an efficient and socially impactful clean energy solution that can be employed by eco-conscious individuals and companies alike.

02. Challenge

December Labs was challenged with transforming the clients’ rough idea of how to guide potential customers through the purchase decision-making process coupled with high expectations into an intuitive and valuable user experience, providing thought leadership and guidance throughout a process of continuous product evolution.

03. Solution

As centerpiece of the Semtive website, Semtive and December Labs developed an in-web app concept that provides potential customers with a personalized clean energy solution for their home by determining their current energy consumption. Through a personalized analysis of standard home appliance usage patterns within a real-life home environment simulation, customers discover how Semtive turbines can convert their home into a 100% eco-friendly living space.

In only 6 weeks, a team of four December Labs Java Script developers and a design crew created the responsive in-web app from scratch and redesigned the website ready for upcoming venture rounds.


  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
03.A Wireframes

Through paper flowcharts and lo-fi wireframes, December Labs presented a layout based on intuitive storytelling. The goal was to work towards an agile performance and high user engagement throughout the discovery process for both, the website and in-web app.

03.B User interface

Proven experts in user interface design, December Labs then defined color palette, typography, appliances icons, tone and a visual point of view to maximize usability and ensure intuitive, efficient and flawless navigation.

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#color #buttons
03.C Webapp development

December Labs designed and developed an original responsive in-web application, giving customers the opportunity to calculate their individual energy consumption and discover their personalized Semtive energy solution based on location, floor plan, home appliances and usage patterns. A thoughtful combination of a clean but playful and intuitive design approach converted the purchase decision-making process into an intuitive and gratifying discovery path with a valuable outcome for any potential customer.

04 Testimonial

“They quickly understood our ideas. When I first started thinking about this app, I had an idea that wasn’t very clear, but December Labs materialized it.”

“We understood each other easily, and everything happened very fast. They also quickly understood the design I wanted, which made the job easier for us.”

Sofía García Enciso Founder & CEO, Semtive

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