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Case Study


UX/UI & iOS Development for Breast Health Monitoring System


Proto - Users



Celbrea is an integrated breast health monitoring system for women, featuring a mapping device, an app with advanced dynamic AI algorithms and Blockchain Technology.

The Celbrea App allows women to predict, prevent, and monitor their health, through different features targeting breast cancer, fertility and birth control.



The natural target audience for the Celbrea app is very broad and diverse, which translates into countless user needs that would be very time-consuming to consider. In a nutshell, creating an app for “everyone” is too generic, ineffective and would be unsatisfying for most users. The challenge thus was to narrow down and identify the main needs of a specific user base at a certain point in their life.

Both, from a development and design point of view, our team knew that this app would have to start with a certain amount of features and then evolve and scale with a user-centric approach.

Proto - Users

  • User
  • User
  • User
  • User
  • User
  • User


The first step was to ask ourselves who those core users are, getting to know these women to understand their needs and divide them into subgroups.


  • UX/UI Design
  • iOS Development

03A. Necessity

We defined specific needs for each user in detail to identify the corresponding features and integrate them.

Proto - Users

  • Features
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Fertility
  • Birth control
  • Breast self-exam
  • Reminder
  • Tips
  • Mood
  • Appointments

03B. Focus

To provide each user with the exact solution to any need while navigating the app, we created intuitive focus points within the app. Since Celbrea covers a broad array of features, not every user will make use of all available features.


03C. Calendar

Our team decided that the best way to approach navigation was to create a calendar based on each users’ on-boarding preferences by assembling features based on needs and dates.


03D. Strategy

The strategy to use a calendar as centerpiece was crucial for Celbrea’s scalability potential, since new and extended features filtered by user needs and time of usage can easily be integrated into the calendar.


03E. Main and Navigation

We displayed all features fulfilling a daily need in the main menu and added a burger menu for extras and occasional needs.

Main and navigation

User Interface

We applied a User Interface according to the desired look & feel: relaxed, sympathetic and attractive. To make identification between the different Cealbrea features easy and intuitive, we selected a specific color code for each feature.

  • Brand
  • Breast
  • Cycle
  • Appointments
  • Notifications
  • Fonts




Our team developed an onboarding process aimed at getting to know the user and, consequently, offer a custom and optimized experience.

While we needed to ask users quite a few important questions, we didn’t want to make the process long and tedious, which is why we created a very clean and quick interface, timing the steps and testing them with real users.

The result was an onboarding process that fulfilled our need for information and, at the same time, was considered quick and simple by our users.

Quick Practical Easy

The App

App Flow
App Flow


“Their timelines are always realistic and they’ve hit every milestone.”

“I needed a team with a range of capabilities, including computer vision expertise and blockchain knowhow. I interviewed four different suppliers and December Labs was the only company that could fill all our needs (...) I met with them in person and decided they were the right group to work with.

They have multiple technological capabilities and really took ownership of the product. They oversaw project management, design, front- and backend development, and all the technical aspects. They also worked with AI to develop a computer vision algorithm to read results. They asked to speak with an oncologist to understand the data and get their insight.

They are available at all hours and their level of commitment and engagement is very high. They understand our philosophy and are willing to argue their points and make improvements. They were very involved and were like a part of our company.”

Matias Campiani

Matías Campiani

Co-Founder & CEO, Welwaze

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