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Case Study

UX/UI, Mobile, Desktop & Web Development
for AI-composed Music-for-the-Brain Platform


Client offers focus, relaxation & sleep support through AI-composed music, offering unique acoustic features that are designed to have effects on neurophysiology.



December Labs was approached to help drive the look & feel of its brand towards a more personalized and communicative approach. From logo enhancements, a new color palette and brand book, brand collateral and marketing materials, a complete UX/UI makeover of’s website, mobile & web app to building’s MacOS desktop app, we took the lead on new concepts aimed at an intuitive enhanced user-experience.



Brand Refinement

Brand Refinement

When it came to our first challenge of refining’s personality, we opted for applying color psychology. To mirror’s features and offering we transformed the way the brand visually communicated with its user base towards a more transparent and approachable look & feel.

UX/UI Process

UX / UI Process

We then applied our updated branding to the entire eco-system, prioritizing straight-forward user experience and innovative brand-user communication through the concept of natural language.



A detailed and well-documented UI Kit made the transition to the development of the new website and platforms seamless and efficient. In addition, we built a new MacOS desktop app that completed the


  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • iOS & Android Development
  • MacOS Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Marketing Materials
  • Web
Brand Refinement

Brand Refinement

Brand personality transformation

To help the brand grow towards developing a distinguished personality, we identified natural attributes and character traits resonating with the brand and its offering.

Brain Logos

Brand Personality

  • Human
  • Direct
  • Friendly
  • Trustful
  • Transparent
  • Helpful
  • Effective
  • Professional
  • Warm

Personality in Proportions

Personality Proportions

Applying Color Psychology

A thorough deep-dive into color psychology resulted in an organic visual representation of mental states and songs within the platform.

We centered the selection and matching of each color and state around the feelings and senses we wanted to convey. As for the brand, we chose cool colors within the blue spectrum to emit the desired sensations of serenity, calm and comfort.

Each mental state has its own color.

Color Psychology Color Psychology
Color Pallettes Color Pallettes Color Pallettes

UX/ UI Process

The path towards a new user journey

We started our UX journey by rearranging and optimizing all platform-specific flows. We then moved over to creating user personas to clarify user types, empathize with them and understand their user journey.

Working side-by-side with the client, we were able to leverage existing insights and research.

UI Process

Communicating through Natural Language

As part of the brand refinement, our objective was to make more human, friendly, direct, reliable and warm. One of the resources we leveraged to translate these attributes into our UX/UI was the use of natural language, resulting in a straight-forward and easily-understandable communication approach.


Visual Design

Last but not least, we applied our UX/UI to the entire website and platform.


Live version

Visual Visual


Visual Visual



Download the App



Bringing the new brand approach to life

Our thorough and detailed UI KIT facilitated the transition to our development team tremendously and allowed for reusable components when applying the brand new design to the website, mobile and web app. In addition, we leveraged the existing web app to build’s very own MacOS desktop app from scratch in Electron JS. Highlights include touch bar functionalities, enabling an offline mode for music consumption, and a high performance level.

Development Development Development

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