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Healthcare Design & Development Solutions

UX/UI and software experts for the healthcare industry specializing in tailor-made mHealth, wearable and web applications.

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6 Keys To Success For Specialized Healthcare Web Products and Apps

Technology is the prescription to respond to the urgent call for specialized healthcare software solutions. The industry needs to fight the Covid-19 and continue to protect the global community from current and future threats. It is our mission to empower healthcare leaders and providers to improve the digital health ecosystem through innovative software solutions.

For the past six years, December Labs has been firmly dedicated to the health tech sector, partnering with companies such as SinQ, Celbrea, Biostrap, and (click here for our extended healthcare portfolio). Below are the six keys to success we have identified when serving as experts in the design and development of solutions for the extended health and wellness industries.

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HIPAA Compliance & EHRs

Security is our highest priority and to ensure HIPAA-compliance in digital health, especially for Electronic Health Records (EHRs), we apply the corresponding processes and resources to any projects involving the storage or transmission of protected health information (PHI). This includes HIPAA-compliance training for our developers, which has been a deciding factor for health tech firms such as SinQ, solving @home care delivery for health plans and care providers.

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Quality Assurance Process

Software involved in medical devices seeking the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) approval, must fulfill rigorous documentation and process standards from the outset. With Apollo Neuro, a wearable wellness device that uses vibrations to help the body respond to stress, the key was an exhaustive QA documentation process to help ensure meeting applicable requirements and specifications.

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iOS & Android Frameworks for Health Data

Apple HealthKit and Google Fit are the healthcare platforms that are helping to standardize health data and storage mechanisms throughout the mHealth ecosystem. With VascTrac, the world’s first iOS-powered peripheral artery disease (PAD) study by Stanford , we were among the first developers to leverage Apple’s recently published open-source SDK’s Research Kit and Health Kit in combination with digital surveys for Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs).

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Health Design Thinking and Accessibility

With health issues, there’s a higher probability that users might have special needs for accessibility when it comes to reading and processing information or using an app or platform. Positioning the design thinking process at the core of what we do, our designers and developers anticipate and solve for different needs and users groups by applying tactics such as color psychology or natural language, as we did for

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Cutting-Edge Wearables

Now more than ever, wearable devices are at the frontline of product innovation in mHealth tech due to the valuable data they provide. Our team has developed cutting-edge mobile apps for wearables and smart next-generation products to address specific medical needs. Examples range from Bluetooth- enabled smart pillbox Elliegrid to Biostrap, a wristband and shoe pod that offer advanced heart, sleep & full activity tracking, and Celbrea, an FDA 510(k) cleared mapping device for breast disease detection.

Strenghts Meet Our Team

Strengths That Supplement Our Value

Beyond providing specialized health expertise and a deep understanding of the factors and trends impacting your industry now and in the future, we are

  • • A scalable ad-hoc team that responds to the unique needs associated with current events
  • • Remote experts following best practices long before it became the norm
  • • Providers of a 360 holistic service experience from design to mobile and web development

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