List of conferences on Wearables in 2022

List of conferences on Wearables in 2022

If you’re interested in summits for the Wearables industry, we present you here with the most important ones for 2022.

Wearables and Smart Devices have become more relevant and multi-functional than ever. According to Bloomberg, devices such as Oura Ring, Fitbit, and Apple Watch are constantly evolving to track a more diversified and accurate set of biometrics, alongside being named potential Covid-19 early detection and recovery-aid systems. 

These immense product refinements can be directly translated into sales of Wearables & Smart Devices: according to the 2020 PWC Wearable Future report, 57% of their survey respondents indicated that they were excited about the future of wearable technology as a part of everyday life. As a way to fuel our teams’ ideas and be in touch with the Wearable industry’s latest discoveries, at December Labs we regularly share our knowledge as industry speakers – most recently at CES 2020 where we discussed the wearable ecosystem in depth.

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Last update: July 2022

ICCOTWT 2022July 8-9, 2022Online
FLEPS 2022July 10-13, 2022Vienna, AUSTRIA
EMBC 2022July 11-15, 2022Glasgow, UK
International Conference on Wearable TechnologiesJuly 21-22, 2022Hybrid: Rome, ITALY & Online
41st Wearable Technologies Conference 2022 USAJuly 26-27, 2022San Francisco, CA
1276th International Conference on Vehicular, Mobile, and Wearable TechnologyAug 1-2, 2022Dhaka, BANGLADESH
PRECISION MED 2022Aug 8-10, 2022Hybrid: London, UK & Online
IFETC 2022Aug 21-24, 2022Qingdao, CHINA
Wearable Technologies Conference AsiaAug 31, 2022Singapore, SINGAPORE
Wearable Technologies Conference Asia OnlineSept 3-9, 2022Online
TECHSPO 2022Sept 8-9, 2022Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
ISWC 2022Sept 11-15, 2022Atlanta, GA & Cambridge, UK
MedFIT 2022Sept 20-21, 2022Grenoble, FRANCE
IoT Tech Expo Europe 2022Sept 20-21, 2022Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
MedDev DaySept 27, 2022Barcelona, SPAIN
International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN) 2022Sept 27-30, 2022Athens, GREECE
BIOMEDeviceSept 28-29, 2022Boston, MA
Wearable Injectors and Connected DevicesOct 10-11, 2022London, UK
Reuters MomentumOct 11-12, 2022Austin, TX
International Conference on Future Wearable TechnologyOct 13-14, 2022Hybrid: London, UK & Online
American Medical Device SummitOct 18-19, 2022Chicago, IL
AES 2022Oct 18-20, 2022San Diego, CA
SMiOct 19-20, 2022London, UK
Total Health 2022Oct 20-21, 2022Chicago, IL
Biosensors for Medical WearablesOct 24-25, 2022Boston, MA
SENSORS 2022Oct 30-Nov 2, 2022Dallas, TX
MD&M MinneapolisNov 2-3, 2022Minneapolis, MN
Wearable Technology ShowNov 4, 2022London, UK
Wearable Technologies Show 2022 MedicaNov 14-17, 2022Düsseldorf, GERMANY
TAPAS 2022Nov 16-17, 2022Online
BIOMEDeviceNov 29-30, 2022Santa Clara, CA
Medical Wearables 2022Dec 6-8, 2022Online
ICVMWT 2023Feb 5-6, 2023Ko Samui, THAILAND
BIODEVICES 2023Feb 22-24, 2023Lisbon, PORTUGAL
MD&M EastJune 13-15, 2023New York, NY
Precision Medicine 2023Aug 21-23, 2023London, UK

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