List of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences in 2022

List of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences in 2022

Curious about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency craze? Here are some events for 2022!

Simply defined as a decentralized and distributed collection of databases shared amongst a computer network, there’s no doubt that Blockchain went beyond the walls of the financial world and turned itself into a disruptor for different industries such as cybersecurity, healthcare, e-commerce and payments. 

The main innovation that Blockchain presents is that its databases store information in such a format that allows for all data to be held at the highest level of fidelity and security, as well as provide a record that implements trust without the need to implement third party applications or platforms. All these benefits and recent innovations are enabling Blockchain to not only have a crucial role in cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin but to truly become a strong technological force.

Whether you are a blockchain nerd, a savvy investor or someone interested in deepening their toes into this new craze, our list of curated and constantly updated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences & Summits will keep you informed about the latest news!

The North American Bitcoin ConferenceJan 17-19, 2022Miami, FL
The Science of Blockchain Conference 2022Jan 24-26, 2022Stanford, CA
The Future of Money, Governance and the LawJan 27-28, 2022Hybrid: Washington, D.C. & Online
The Blockchain EventFeb 8-11, 2022Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bitcoin Day SacramentoFeb 19, 2022Roseville, CA
Tokenization, Institutionalization & Securitization of Blockchain: DeFiFeb 24, 2022San Francisco, CA
Future Digital FinanceMar 1-2, 2022Miami, FL
Shred the System: Driving the Crypto & Blockchain RevolutionMar 2-3, 2022Harrisburg, PA
CROSSTECH LATAMMar 8-10, 2022Sao Pablo, BRAZIL
Digital Economy Blockchain Crypto Investment SummitMar 10-11, 2022Washington, D.C.
Blockchain Africa ConferenceMar 17-18, 2022Online
World Blockchain SummitMar 23-24, 2022Dubai, UAE
CRYPTOWORLDCONApril 1-2, 2022Miami, FL
Bitcoin 2022April 6-9, 2022Miami, FL
Paris Blockchain Week SummitApril 13-14, 2022Paris, FRANCE
Blockchain Life 2022April 20-21, 2022Moscow, RUSSIA
Blockchain Revolution GlobalApril 21-22, 2022Toronto, CANADA
IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and CryptocurrencyMay 2-5, 2022Shanghai, CHINA
CROSSTECH EMEAMay 10-12, 2022Istanbul, TURKEY
Blockchain Expo North AmericaMay 11-12, 2022Santa Clara, CA
PermissionlessMay 17-19, 2022Palm Beach, FL
Blockchain & Sustainable Economic GrowthMay 25-27, 2022Washington, D.C.
Consesnsus 2022June 9-12, 2022Austin, TX
Blockchain and Internet of Things ConferenceJuly 8-10, 2022Tokyo, JAPAN
International Congress on BlockchainJuly 13-15, 2022Hybrid: L’Aquila, ITALY & Online
Blockchain & Liberty for AllJuly 14, 2022Online
CROSSTECH MEXICOJuly 21-22, 2022Ciudad de México, MEXICO
Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and CryptocurrencyAug 1-3, 2022Online
Futurist Conference 2022Aug 10-11, 2022Toronto, CANADA
Blockchain Expo EuropeSep 20-21, 2022Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Blockchain in Oil & Gast ConferenceSep 21-22, 2022Hybrid: Houston, TX & Online
Blockchain Tech SummitSep 24, 2022Online
Blockchain & InfrastructureSep 29-30, 2022Washington, D.C.
Blockchain Economy SummitOct 1-2, 2022Dubai, UAE
Future Blockchain SummitOct 10-13, 2022Dubai, UAE
MONEYCONFNov 1-4, 2022Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Blockchain for GovernanceNov 10-11, 2022Barcelona, SPAIN
CROSSTECH WORLDNov 15-18, 2022Miami, FL
Blockchain SummitNov 22-24, 2022Online
Blockchain Expo GlobalDec 1-2, 2022London, UK

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