List of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences in 2022

List of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences in 2022

Curious about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency craze? Here are some events for 2022!

Simply defined as a decentralized and distributed collection of databases shared amongst a computer network, there’s no doubt that Blockchain went beyond the walls of the financial world and turned itself into a disruptor for different industries such as cybersecurity, healthcare, e-commerce, and payments. 

Whether you are a blockchain nerd, savvy investor, or someone interested in deepening their toes into this new craze, it has become an arduous task to keep updated with the staggering amount of daily news and innovations in this field, which is why events, conferences, and summits are the best ways to gather industry news and meet up with professionals. At December Labs, we have dedicated developers working on cutting-edge blockchain/crypto technologies, which is why these events are a must-attend for our teams.

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Last update: July 2022

Paris Blockchain Summit December Labs’ Pick!

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July 8, 2022Paris, FRANCE
Blockchain and Internet of Things ConferenceJuly 8-10, 2022Tokyo, JAPAN
International Congress on BlockchainJuly 13-15, 2022Hybrid: L’Aquila, ITALY & Online
Blockchain & Liberty for AllJuly 14, 2022Online
GameFi Asia 2022 December Labs’ Pick!

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July 18-21, 2022Hybrid: Singapore, SINGAPORE & Online
CROSSTECH MEXICOJuly 21-22, 2022Ciudad de México, MEXICO
WEB3 Growth Summit December Labs’ Pick!

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977ME7 10% OFF
July 25-29, 2022Online
Blockchain Economy Conference December Labs’ Pick!

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BEIST2022 10% OFF
July 27-28, 2022Istanbul, TURKEY
Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and CryptocurrencyAug 1-3, 2022Online
Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022 December Labs’ Pick!Aug 9-10, 2022Toronto, CANADA
Coinfest Asia December Labs’ Pick!Aug 25-26, 2022Bali, INDONESIA
BlackSeaChain December Labs’ Pick!Sept 1-2, 2022Varna, BULGARIA
The Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference December Labs’ Pick!Sept 15, 2022New York, NY
Blockchain Expo EuropeSept 20-21, 2022Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Blockchain in Oil & Gas ConferenceSept 21-22, 2022Hybrid: Houston, TX & Online – inside DMEXCO 2022 December Labs’ Pick! Sept 21-22, 2022Cologne, GERMANY
Web 3.0 for Developers ConferenceSept 22, 2022Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Crypto Gibraltar December Labs’ Pick!Sept 22-24, 2022Ocean Village, GIBRALTAR
Cryptocurrency Seminar December Labs’ Pick!

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DecLabs10 10% OFF
Sept 24, 2022New York, NY
Blockchain Tech SummitSept 24, 2022Online
Blockchain & InfrastructureSept 29-30, 2022Washington, D.C.
World Blockchain Expo December Labs’ Pick!Sept 30, 2022Dubai, UAE
Blockchain Economy SummitOct 1-2, 2022Dubai, UAE
Blockchain Economy Conference December Labs’ Pick!Oct 4-5, 2022Dubai, UAE
DeFi Conference 2022Oct 6, 2022Belfast, IRELAND
Wow Summit December Labs’ Pick!Oct 8-14, 2022Dubai, UAE
Future Blockchain SummitOct 10-13, 2022Dubai, UAE
ELEV8CON PARABOLICOct 23-24, 2022Las Vegas, NV
MONEYCONFNov 1-4, 2022Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Digital Transformation of Healthcare and Finance: The Role of Blockchain, Fintech and AINov 3-4, 2022Kalamazoo, MI
Wow Summit December Labs’ Pick!Nov 4-7, 2022Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Blockchain Economy Conference December Labs’ Pick!Nov 9-10, 2022London, UK
TOKEN2049Nov 9-10, 2022London, UK
Blockchain for GovernanceNov 10-11, 2022Barcelona, SPAIN
CROSSTECH WORLDNov 15-18, 2022Miami, FL
ETH Gathering December Labs’ Pick!Nov 18-20, 2022Barcelona, SPAIN
Istanbul Blockchain WeekNov 21-25, 2022Istanbul, TURKEY
Blockchain SummitNov 22-24, 2022Online
Blockchain Expo GlobalDec 1-2, 2022London, UK
Israel Crypto ConferenceDec 7-8, 2022Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
FinTech ConnectNov 30-Dec 1, 2022Online
DecentralizedMar 29-31, 2023Anthens, GREECE

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