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A December to Remember:
Elite Development & Design

December Labs builds better software, working with startups and growth companies to develop new applications, software, services and platforms.

Our clients include large Enterprise companies, Silicon Valley’s top funded startups and companies building innovative web and mobile products.

In 2014, Marcelo Cordini, Washington Miranda, Diego San Esteban & Martín Palatnik, propelled by the concept of banding together to create world-class Design & Development, bootstrapped December Labs, a high-touch boutique Design & Development shop.

Since then we have partnered with 100+ companies from Silicon Valley, NYC and Texas, to combine our iOS, Android, Web, Design and Augmented Reality skills.

Our Team

At December Labs, we are Mission-Driven, People Focused. We give you service you can trust every single project.

Led by 4 Founders, we are a team of PhDs, Engineers, Researchers, Developers and Designers with a unique blend of technical and design skills.

From concept to launch we apply startup-style customer development and agile engineering for new products and areas of business.

We work with large enterprise organizations and Growth-Stage companies to identify, design and build innovative software solutions.

Frequently Asked

  • When does my Project start upon contacting December Labs?

    Once Scope has been agreed upon, a contract and initial deposit has been made, your Project Manager will schedule a kickoff call. After this takes place, your PM will have put together a team that is immediately ready to start your project.

  • How will I manage the team once the Project starts?

    You will not have to. December Labs handles all project management functions (unless you specifically want to). Our highly experienced PMs work with selected team members to make sure your product is delivered in a high-quality manner every time.

  • How do I approach outsourcing company development, if this is a concern?
    • Your core competency as a founder is not software development as a non-technical founder.
    • You are planning long-term on hiring full-time staff developers but want to get a jump-start on prototyping.
    • You are utilizing the prototype to convince full-time team members to join your startup.
    • You want to efficiently validate your concept and at a lower cost evaluate a larger investment.
    • The company you are working with has a world-class track record (has been selected as an Accenture vendor and worked with several Series A and B-level Silicon Valley growth companies).
    • It is lower cost to outsource than to have in-house developers.
  • What is your cost?

    Our project rates are set in milestones and are very reasonable. Connect with our Sales Team member to get a quote.

  • How quickly can you build out my project?

    It depends on the level of complexity, type and scale of the project. Generally, apps and websites take 2-4 months to complete.

  • I don’t have a Budget for my project. Can we partner for equity?

    No we cannot.

  • What kind of Design work do you do?

    We have a world-class Design team that works efficiently to build new designs at a level that meets your needs. For example, we have done design for the World Economic Forum.

  • Can you integrate an existing Design?

    We are happy to integrate any design work done by an existing or former Designer, provided that it is proper for the project and possible to integrate.

  • Can you sign my NDA instead of your standard NDA?

    Yes, we are happy to do that.

Our Offices

Being based in Uruguay (UTC - 3) we can
work at our clients office hours.

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Our clients include large Enterprise companies, Silicon Valley’s top funded startups and companies building innovative web and mobile products.

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